Please check this section if you have questions about EAS programs or the transition process of adopting our energy saving services.

Can I do this myself?

Yes, you can contact various suppliers and get pricing. Our clients choose not to do this because they understand they may not know what is and is not including in pricing from all the suppliers in all the various states. They have decided to outsource this service to EAS, leveraging our expertise not just on the various suppliers and products but the timing of the market ensuring they receive the right contract at the right time and right price.

What does this service cost me?

You never write a check to EAS. We are compensated by the electric or natural gas supplier that is selected. Our commission is the same no matter which supplier you choose, allowing us to look for the best fit for you.

Are all suppliers the same?

No. Each supplier in each state offers different products and services. Some charge capacity costs separate, some allow termination, some have restricted bandwidth. We flush all the questions out, providing our clients with an apples-apples comparison so you can make an informed decision.

Will I lose power or gas by switching?

No! Getting electricity or natural gas to you is still regulated by the utility. No matter your supplier, the utility you know is required to deliver the energy to you.

Which portion of my bill is deregulated?

We can only negotiate the portion known as your “Supply or generation.” This is typically about half your total cost but varies state to state. The portion known as, “Transmission and delivery,” is what you pay the utility to deliver your electricity or natural gas and it is still regulated.

What should I do if I buy a property that is under contract with an energy supplier?

Contact EAS. If you buy or sell property that is locked into an energy contract, EAS will work with your supplier and buyer or seller to ensure a smooth transition.

What areas have choice programs?

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