Deregulation 101

Deregulation began in the 1980's to give consumers choice and a chance for savings, but it also requires an extensive understanding of the markets.

There once was a time in the United states when everyone had to deal with one utility company. That one utility provided the three components of your energy service: generation, transmission and distribution. That utility also set the price for electricity and natural gas. You had no choice but to pay that price.

Staring in 1977, states began to change their regulations and deregulate or "unbundle" the utility services, allowing consumers to now "Shop around" for the actual utility commodity (electric or natural gas).

Energy deregulation is done on a state-by-state or Utility by Utility basis with some federal oversight and regulations administered by the Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”). Each state has very specific rules and there are different energy markets in each state. For example, in states like Maryland or Illinois, you must sign up with the Utility before seeking an alternative supplier but in Texas this is not the case.

If you are in a deregulated market, your organization can benefit from shopping for its energy supply in the open market. Shopping benefits you by creating competition among energy suppliers, offering a variety of product options and contract terms that can be customized to your unique requirements.

However, navigating these volatile energy markets and the plethora of available choices is far from a simple exercise. This is where EAS can benefit your organization. EAS' team of energy experts help you understand the options brought about through the competitive marketplace and work with you to develop a procurement strategy that reduces costs and minimizes risks for your organization.

Although energy deregulation covers almost every state in the U.S. and many countries throughout the world, the opportunities vary from market to market. Click any state or country on the map to learn about the energy services offered in that area.

  • Energy Advisory Service is our energy partner because they deliver a comprehensive energy/risk management line-up of services. The energy prices and ancillary revenue terms they negotiated was impressive, but what was more impressive was their follow up.  They worked with the suppliers to maximize our ancillary revenue by creating marketing programs that maximized resident enrollment and also created detailed reports that allowed us to measure our results.
    United Dominion Realty Trust
  • We could never duplicate in-house the results Energy Advisory Service achieved.  The combination of their energy industry know-how and their ability to bring large aggregation groups together to create market power is exceptional.
    Harbor Group Management
  • We have partnered with a firm that provides some stability in these difficult times.  Not only does EAS pursue the best deals in a given market, but they assist and educate us on different courses of action, they provide us with a sense of security when it comes to dealing with various energy providers.  Their efforts have saved both AMLI and our resident’s expense in energy costs.
    Bob Faitz
    Vice President
    AMLI Residential
  • EAS has been a fantastic partner for us, enabling us to keep our energy expenses down and drive returns to the bottom line.
    Pizzaroni Subs & Grill
  • I have been a client of EAS for over 10 years and the best thing about EAS is their people.  I am a VERY small client yet they always treat me like I am their most important client.  They are very customer service oriented which I greatly appreciate.
    Doug MacFarland
    Vice President of Property Management
    Regency Apartments
  • EAS has produced great results for my company in keeping our energy cost down and purchasing at the right time.
    Tom Manzo
    President - Multifamily Operations
    JRK Property Holdings
  • Energy Advisory Service works to get the best pricing and contract available. We have seen fee reduction and increased revenue year over year. Thank you Energy Advisory!
    Debra Claytor Caps
    Senior Vice President Operations
    Landmark Residential
  • EAS is a Lifesaver. Even though we are a larger company, it would be cost prohibitive to hire the kind of expertise and focus that EAS brings as our energy partner.
    Buddy J. Green CPM
    Director of Technical Services
    Harbor Group Management Company
  • Laramar was pleased to award EAS its 2012 Service Provider of the Year Award. Our relationship with EAS began in 2010 and our trust in them has done nothing but grow over the years. They have not only helped us significantly reduce our energy cost but have also been there to educate us on energy options, answer questions and provide service support. Thumbs up to our 2012 Service Provider of the Year!
    Steve Boyack
    Senior Vice President, Asset Management
    Laramar Group

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