Areas of Opportunity

EAS operates in the highlighted states below:

Gas & Electric

Gas Only

Electric Only


Natural Gas – Certain large users of natural gas may qualify to shop for different natural gas providers. Contact EAS to find out if you qualify.


Electric – In 2010, California began to “re-open” the electric market to business customers through a program called “Direct Access”. This was a way to “phase in” 9,520 GWH at Pacific Gas and Electric, 11,710 GWH at Southern California Edison, and 3,562 at San Diego. The phase in lasted until 2013 at which time the cap would be meet. All phases have now been completed so we are watching and waiting for California to completely open. If you are interested in joining our clients when the caps are lifting, please contact EAS.

Natural Gas – In California all customers have a chance to shop for lower natural gas rates.


Natural Gas – Larger customers (for multifamily those properties that have boilers or a master meter) can shop around to get discounts on natural gas.


Electric – Customers in Delaware using Delmarva and/or Delaware Electric Cooperative can shop for a cheaper electric supply rate.

District of Columbia

Electric – Customers currently using Pepco and Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) have the opportunity to shop for cheaper electric rates. In this area, multifamily customers working with EAS may also receive referral fees for referring their residents to alternative providers.

Natural Gas – Customers behind Pepco and/or Washington Gas Service have the opportunity for natural gas savings by using alternative suppliers. For multi-families that work with EAS, there is also an opportunity to get ancillary income by referring residents to alternative providers.


Natural Gas – Business customers in Florida can take advantage of competition to find natural gas savings behind Florida Power and Light and Teco.


Natural Gas – In most of Georgia (behind AGL) customers can shop around for natural gas savings. Atlanta Gas Light is the utility, but they no longer service customers. They still maintain the gas lines, meters, etc. If there is a gas issue, customers still contact AGL. For the gas commodity, customers can choose from various providers allowing competition to yield gas savings. Additionally, EAS clients can take advantage of ancillary income through referral programs. Contact EAS to learn more about it.


Natural Gas – Certain large customers are able to look at an alternative provider for natural gas. For more details, please contract EAS.


Electric – In 1997 Illinois opened the electric market allowing businesses to have choice. ComEd, Ameren, MidAmerican Energy and Mt. Carmel all have the opportunity to save money by shopping alternatives. The alternative companies are often referred to as Retail Electric Suppliers (RES).

Natural Gas – Customers in Illinois using Nicor, People Gas, and North Shore Gas also have the opportunity to shop for lower natural gas prices.


Natural Gas – Customers in Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) have a chance to shop for lower natural gas rates under a pilot program. Select business customers at other gas utilities such as Citizens Gas and Vectren may also be eligible to choose.


Natural Gas – Columbia Gas of Kentucky offers all customers a chance to shop for better pricing. If customers do not take advantage of this choice they will receive “default” service from the utility. The gas charge is called the Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA), which can vary as often as quarterly or monthly. Customers can avoid this swing by working with EAS to contract with an alternative supplier.


Electric – Customers at Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro-Electric, Maine Public Service and the electric cooperatives and municipal districts can shop for a cheaper electric supply rate.


Electric – Customers at Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro-Electric, Maine Public Service and the electric cooperatives and municipal districts can shop for a cheaper electric supply rate.


Electric – In 1998 Nstar, National Grid, Fitchburg Gas & Electric, and Western Massachusetts Electric began offering customers the chance to shop around for electric savings.

Natural Gas – Customers also have a chance to save on their natural gas bills by choosing an alternate gas supplier.


Electric – Currently, Michigan allows 10% of the electric sales to be sold by an alternative supplier. This means the opportunity may not be available to you. Contact EAS for more details.

Natural Gas – Unlike the electric, all customers can shop for lower natural gas rates. Michigan Consolidated (MichCon), Consumers Energy, Michigan Gas Utilities, and SEMCO Energy gas have all opened there service to all customers to choose a different company.


Electric – In 2007 Montana closed their electricity market no longer allowing customers choice.

Only customers above 5 megawatts (MW) can continue to shop for an alternative energy provider.


Electric – Large customers with demands greater than 1 megawatt (MW) are allowed to shop for competitive pricing.

New Hampshire

Electric – In 1997 customers were given the chance to save on their electric bills and have continued to be able to shop the competition.

New Jersey

Electric – In 1999 customers behind PSE&G, Jersey Central Power & Light, Atlantic City Electric, and Rockland Electric have been able to shop to lower their electric cost. For Multifamily, EAS is currently working on a referral program.

Natural Gas – Since 2000, customers at PSE&G, New Jersey Natural Gas, South Jersey Gas, and Elizabethtown Gas have had the opportunity to shop with alternative suppliers to lower their natural gas cost. EAS is also working with suppliers to create ancillary income for the multifamily community.

New York

Electric – In the late 1990s New York residents and businesses in most areas have been allowed to shop for lower energy prices from Energy Service Companies or ESCO’s. The areas are Consolidated Edison, National Grid, New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG), Rochester Gas & Electric, Central Hudson, Orange and Rockland, and the Long Island Power Authority. EAS’s multifamily clients are also available to receive ancillary income from referrals in some areas of New York. Contract EAS for more details.

Natural Gas – New York customers also have the ability to save on natural gas if they are in the following areas; Consolidated Edison, National Grid, New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG), Rochester Gas & Electric, Central Hudson, Orange and Rockland, National Fuel Gas, Corning Natural Gas, Keyspan Energy Delivery New York, Keyspan Energy Delivery Long Island, and St. Lawrence Gas.

North Carolina

Natural Gas – There are opportunities for customers to have a choice for transportation if they meet the requirements of 50 dekatherms per day.


Electric – Most of Ohio is open for competition, however in the recent years, several cities have aggregated pricing and provide lower electric costs. Before starting to look at alternatives be sure you understand what you are currently paying. EAS can help you review your invoices and alternative suppliers to ensure you are taking advantage of a choice market.

Natural Gas – Customers at Dominion East Ohio, Columbia Gas, Duke Energy and Vectren Energy Delivery have the ability to shop for better natural gas rates.


Electric – Currently there are many hoops to jump through to get to shop for better electric rates. The first being business customers must have a demand greater than 30 kilowatts (kW). Next is depending on utility:

Portland General Electric (PGE), there are four shopping windows where you can choose an alternative supplier.

Pacificorp – Every November there are 3 days where you can choose an alternative electric supplier.

Both utilities also cap the total number of customers. If you are interested in looking at alternatives in Oregon, contact EAS for more details.


Electric – In 2011 Pennsylvania completed the transition to electric competition allowing all customers the chance to shop the electric suppliers. Additionally in some Pennsylvania territories, EAS’s multifamily clients can receive ancillary income through door fees.

Natural Gas – Peco, Columbia Gas, People Gas, Equitable Gas, National Fuel Gas, Philadelphia Gas Works, UGI Central Penn Gas (PPL Gas), UIG Penn Natural Gas, UGI Utilities – Gas Division and TW Phillips Gas and Oil Co. currently offer gas choice. Additionally in some territories, EAS’s multifamily clients can receive ancillary income through door fees. Contact EAS to learn more.

Rhode Island

Electric – Customers in Rhode Island have been able to shop for competitive pricing for electricity since 1997.

Natural Gas – Business customers using National Grind with more than 5,000 therms annually can shop for an alternative supplier.


Electric – About 85% of customers can and have to shop around for electricity savings. The utilities in Texas no longer provide electric service. If your utility is Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth), Centerpoint (Houston), AEP Texas (Corpus Christi, Abilene), Texas- New Mexico Power, or Sharyland, then you must use a Retail Electric Supplier (REP). In Texas, you may chose a provider based on whatever you like (price, customer service, green power, etc). You will receive invoices and customer service from them, however if there is a power outage the utility still maintains the wires, lines, poles, etc.

Areas not open – City of Austin, SWEPCO, El Paso Electricity, Entergy, Southwestern Public Service (Xcel), CoServe, Co-op, or a city owned municipality.

In areas where there is choice, EAS multifamily clients take advantage of ancillary income from referral programs that are established. For more details contact EAS.

Natural Gas – Centerpoint (Houston): In this part of Texas, large business customers using 3650 MCF annually qualify to shop for natural gas pricing. For the multifamily industry, most properties that have a master meter qualify.

Atmos (Dallas) – There is a choice program but unless the volume is very large there is not much cost savings.

Texas Gas Works (Austin and El Paso) – There is a choice program, however to go to transportation ,the delivery cost increase. Large consumers of natural gas may still see a nice savings. Contact EAS to review your natural gas load in Texas to see if there is a savings for you.


Electric – In 2007 Virginia closed its market for customers with the exception of customers using over 5 megawatts (MW) who can still shop for better electric pricing. Note: Some customers in the Northern Virginia areas like Fairfax, Alexandria, etc. are using Baltimore Gas & Electric or Pepco, those customers can still shop for alternative suppliers and receive lower electric costs. Additionally, EAS multifamily clients behind these utilities can also receive ancillary income through referral fees. Contact EAS for more details.

Natural Gas – Customers behind Washington Gas, Pepco, or Baltimore Gas & Electric can shop alternative suppliers for natural gas savings.

Customers using Virginia Natural Gas must use a minimum of 2000 mcf annually to qualify for Transportation.

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