Students, Military, or anywhere in between; We understand that ensuring that a resident is happy is priority number one.

EAS provides complete energy solutions from beginning to end, allowing management to focus on their residents

We understand the multifamily industry has more complexities to consider when dealing with energy, such as buying and selling properties, the electricity and natural gas for vacant apartments, and let’s not forget that ancillary income from referral fees. With over 25 years in Property Management and 15 years helping our 100 multifamily clients save money on their energy, EAS is proud to be the largest energy advocate for multifamily.

EAS works hand-in-hand to understand risk tolerance and plan a comprehensive energy strategy that fits each unique business. We then combine each specific portfolio with our more than 500,000 units to take advantage of “Bulk rate discounts,” and begin the aggregation process.

Once the contracts are executed and the savings begin, EAS continues to work by ensuring the suppliers are exceeding our client’s expectations, that communities are referring residents and that clients have the reporting needed to measure their results.

We manage this process now... and into the future; illuminating not only monetary savings but precise time so you can focus on your portfolio and residents.

Illuminate your energy savings today. Contact us to learn more!